Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Buy one, get one cookie from Baskin-Robbins

Enjoy the delightful goodness of freshly baked cookies from Baskin-Robbins and get an extra one for free with every fresh pack you buy. Experience the joy of creating your own customized cookie sandwiches with your favorite ice cream flavors. Choose from double fudge, white chunk macademia nut, or dark chocolate chunk cookies. Take advantage of this exciting promo available from September 22 till November 30. Visit any of the participating Baskin-Robbins shops at Central Square, Bonifacio High Street, Uptown Place Mall in Bonifacio Global City; Greenbelt 5 and Glorietta 2 in Makati; Trinoma Mall and SM North EDSA The Block in Quezon City; and Solenad in Santa Rosa, Laguna. For more updates, visit www.baskinrobbins.ph or its social media accounts: facebook.com/baskinrobbinsph, Twitter, and Instagram @baskinrobbinsph.

DTI Permit :  DTI-FTEB Permit No. 10096 Series of 2017

Monday, September 25, 2017

Easy Grocery

Tired from work. You want to rest but you still need to go at the supermarket to grocery because there's no food left in your fridge! The checkout counter line is  loooong! You can't do anything but wait. The next thing? You have to walk all your items at the parking lot or either to the pin location of your private car service, or to the PUV terminal and most of the time the line there was too long because it's traffic and sometimes it's raining. Ughhh! But don't be sad anymore. It's possible to straight home from tired work and rest all you want. Thanks to President and Developer Mr. Eugene Leoncio because he came up with a very good solution! He decided to create "Easy Grocery" mobile app. They experience many times that they have nothing food left in the fridge because they have no time to go at the supermarket because of the busy schedule and also tired from work.

He created this app because he wants his wife to grocery without a hassle! It's the perfect solution to those who have a little time and busy schedule. By using "Easy Grocery" mobile app, you can save more time and energy!

Easy Grocery is a location-based app where customers can purchase grocery items and have it delivered to their doorsteps. It is practically grocery-shopping without leaving the comforts of your home or anywhere you may be.

Easy Grocery’s Mission is to provide convenience, quality service and a “no-worries” grocery shopping and grocery.

Their Vision is to be one of the leading grocery delivery services in Asia.

Easy Grocery do not put any mark-ups on the store's Standard Retail Price (SRP). You pay for the items at exactly the same price as in the store. All orders delivered will have the corresponding Official Receipts issued by the store.

They are currently operating in selected cities in Metro Manila. You might wonder why you can't find your location. Because maybe your location is not yet included in their operations. But you can expect that very soon, Easy Grocery can serve you too!

Here are the list of payment options available in Easy Grocery:

•credit card
•debit card
•cash on delivery
•use of earned point

Easy Grocery are currently working with other establishments and agencies to provide us more options for payment.

Mr. Eugene Leoncio explaining how the Easy Grocery App works

One of Easy Grocery's objective is to be able to provide its customers with wide variety of supermarket options. Because they do not have a tie-up with any particular supermarket.

Easy Grocery has a "Runner/s". They very own trained personnel who will act as buyers of our orders from the store we have chosen.

As it is they mission to provide convenience to their customers, the Easy Grocery app was designed to send customers notifications with the status of order fulfilment. The app is equipped with a GPS tracker to provide real-time data as to the location and estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the rider.

The Easy Grocery app will also send us a notification informing us that a particular item from our order is unavailable. They runner will also give us a call to provide us with alternate options of our order.

We can order from different stores as long as we choose the stores within the same city of our preferred delivery address.

How to Easy Grocery

•Download the app from App Store or Googleplay store
•Set your delivery location
•Select a preferred store near you
•Pay using Credit Card, Cash or points
•Choose your delivery option: Store Pickup or Home Delivery

Easy Grocery app is integrated with location tracker, so we can track where is the current location of the rider.

This is the delivery bag of the Easy Grocery's Riders. It has separators inside to separate the foods and the laundry detergent to avoid contamination. Also has a complete all around insulation to avoid getting your items damaged from too much heat.

Rider’s fee and Runner's fee are both Php 100.00. whether its bulky or heavy. It is a fixed charge. With a total cost of Php200.00 delivery fee.

I really enjoyed grocery shopping using the Easy Grocery App, i just tap, tap, tap! And my groceries are here!

Easy Grocery riders will deliver your orders within 60 minutes comitted time! Try Easy Grocery right now! Download the app on Apple Store or Google Play!

Official Easy Grocery App Website:http://www.easygrocery.ph

Email them at info@easygrocery.ph

Like Easy Grocery on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/easygroceryapp/

Follow Easy Grocery on Instagram:


KFC Delivery Fans Day is September 30. But last friday, KFC invited bloggers to celebrate the #KFCDeliveryFansDay in advance! The event happened at KFC, BGC. After arriving there, we had our breakfast first to have the energy for the game!

Mystery Manila hosted the game, it seems that they turned the KFC branch into Mystery Manila Playground! Haha!

I'm with Team no.2 with other bloggers named Zheyme, Patty and my sister Gerilen of Gerilen & Jer Sons on facebook.

So, they gave us a letter for the challenge:

Thank you for accepting my invitation! A very special prize is waiting just for you.

But first you must prove how much of a KFC fan you are by completing a few challenges for me. Are you up for it?

If yes, go up to the cashier and order the “Colonel’s Special” to get your first clue.

Yours Truly,

Col. Harland Sanders

So, the game started! We go to the cashier and order the "Colonel's Special" to get the first clue! You know what's inside? A walkie talkie! The man talking in the walkie talkie gives us instructions on what should we do next.

Before the game started, they gave us a key. And we should unlock one of the KFC Delivery Motorcycles outside. And we can't believe it! Just one try and tadaaa! The padlock was unlocked!

Inside the box was a KFC shirt, eyeglass and a hairnet. One of us should be the Colonel's assistant and we decided that it would be Patty.

Patty was asked to get the bucket of KFC chicken ordered by customer named Harland and we have to look for him and give his order! We look everywhere and ask almost all of the customers eating there! After how many minutes of searching, finally! We found him! I think he's hiding because he sat outside! Haha!

Because we successfully delivered his bucket of chicken, he gave us a KFC gift box and the next challenge? We have to guess the 2 password to open it! There is a clue at the top of the box with a telephone icon and a phrase "it's finger lickin' good! And guess what?! We unlocked it using the KFC Delivery Hotline! It's 887-8888!

After unlocking the KFC gift box, there's a message inside!

Congratulations! You are a true KFC Delivery fan! Proceed to the 2nd floor function area to receive your special prize.

Col. Harland Sanders

So we proceed immediately to the 2nd floor and wow! They surprised us with a confetti! And because of completing the KFC mission, they reward us a KFC gift certificates and ofcourse, a Kentucky Fried Chicken meal with gravy, rice, mashed potato, mushroom soup and a drink!

We really had so much fun with the game even though we sweat a little because of running there and here! Haha!

I'm happy with the KFC gift certificates since my baby loves to eat at KFC! He really likes the chicken, gravy and also the fries! Here's the evidence. Haha!


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